Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Older-ish men I have a crush on . . .

I may or may not have mild crushes on older-ish men. Not creepy, stalker-ish crushes, but just "he's cute, when my future husband ages, I would be ok if he looked like _____".

I know I have shared this with you before, but I LOVE the Today Show. On the Today Show is that cute Matt Lauer. He has great taste in shoes, is so classy, and always responds tactfully to anyone he is around. Love him.

Next, my date to the Royal Wedding (remember?). Yes, Mr. Bradley Cooper himself. A little more rugged and edgy, but oh so cute. I don't think we would have any kind of long-term relationship, but again, a crush is just that, a crush!

George. Oh George. You make looking at dead bodies and crime scene materials so much more fun! Again, just so cute! Love the baby face. And he's so sweet! Or at least he is on CSI. 

Patrick Jane (I don't know his real life name). Again, I LOVE The Mentalist. My mom and I watch it together every week. With sugar-free hot cocoa. He is so cute! And so smart. And from Australia. 

Note . . . I know I don't know these people in real life and that I am making complete assumptions about their character and personalities, I just don't want you to think I'm completely delusional.


  1. you are delusional. i would gladly accept a george clooney in my later years. :)