Friday, February 24, 2012

The Young Victoria

It's Friday night, I'm enjoying a little girls night with my roommate and we are watching "The Young Victoria" (along with some hot chocolate = perfection!). I loooooove this movie. The first time I saw it was in Tonga and it is such a gem, you should really watch it if you haven't. Anyway, the story of Victoria and Albert is sweet, romantic, and what I hope to find. I'm not saying I need to be a princess and live in a palace, but I do hope to have a relationship like the one they do. They care, respect, challenge, appreciate, protect, treasure, and truly love each other. They are honest, kind, encouraging, supportive, and completely in love. I believe in true love and in finding that someone. Sometimes people lose sight of that and feel that it's not possible to find, I think it is. I believe in love, falling into it, and sharing it with someone special forever and always. I'm excited to find someone someday to share that with. Someone I can watch "The Young Victoria" with on a Friday night and feel like I found something better. 

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