Thursday, December 29, 2011

Changes Ahead!

I don't know why, but at work a lot of the time I feel the "hurry up and wait" feeling. Whether a patient is supposed to go to a procedure or be discharged to another floor I feel like I'm working really hard and really fast and then for some small reason, I'm waiting. It happened last night. My patient got a bed on the floor at about 8:15, I called report, got him all packed up, I even got the annoying cage for the oxygen tank (this is the dumbest rule of all time). I was getting a patient from the ED that really needed to come up and get dialysis and the transporter was taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to get the patient out of the room and she kept making phone calls. I was trying to get my other patient settled so that when the patient from the ED came up everything would be taken care of, but I finally asked her if she needed anything, and she said she needed help pushing the bed. There weren't any extras to push (IV poles, bipap machines, etc.), just the patient in the bed. I offered to help and she said "it's ok, I can do it." Grrrr. If only she would have thought of that 20 minutes ago. Anyway, after waiting for her to get the patient out of the room and waiting for it to be cleaned I got my patient. The night went great, but it made me think of other "hurry up and wait" moments in my life. 

Lately, I've had quite a few. I've been living at home for the past couple of months (thanks mom and dad!) and I finally found a place! I'm so excited, it's so cute and in a great area, and much closer to work! We found the place (hurry!) and tried to find roommates (wait). Found two! Looking for one more. We get to move in oh, like yesterday (hurry!), but the house needed to be cleaned and the carpets needed to be cleaned (wait). 

I guess there are a lot of parts of life that I need to work hard, do my best, and then be patient and wait for the outcome. That patience thing, I'm not so good at it. I think that's one of the lessons the Lord lets me learn over and over again. I have to put forth the effort, do the work, and he lets me wait on Him and have a little patience, but it's always worth it. 

This has been a really great/busy year, including . . . graduating from BYU . . . NSNA Convention/lots of meetings . . . passing the NCLEX . . . getting a job . . . missing my nursing school classmates (spending the last 3 years together and then everyone moving away = I miss my friends!) . . . Fiji with the family . . . moving out of Provo (not easy) . . . deciding who I want to be and what I want to do . . . moving home (not what I thought I would be doing, but grateful for the time at home with my family) . . . watching Alyssa rock nursing school . . . having my first real job . . . not being in school (I LOVE school and not having that in my life this past year has been an adjustment, and it makes me want to go back) . . . hearing about Taylor's freshman year (oh the memories) . . . going to Maddie's basketball games . . . moving out!

This next year has a lot of potential and I already have some great things planned, I'm really excited. I am going to do great things, visit exciting places, and hopefully make some great changes. I can't wait to tell you all about it!


  1. Awesome post, Erin. Love your guts.

  2. Erin, I share in your frustration! But I am soooo excited that I get to work with you, and get to have a RN who REALLY pours her heart out for her pts. I am so excited for all the great things in the upcoming year!

    <3 kate

  3. you are so darn cute! miss you girl and i am so proud of all you are doing.