Sunday, March 18, 2012

Little Miss Late

I am always always late. I was born late (like 2 or 3 weeks or something, you'll have to ask my mom), I wake up late, in high school I was suspended from a few swim meets as a punishment for being late (I had 45 "tardies" in one class - the teacher did openly dislike me which didn't help - and I went to the vice principals office and everything, it was horrible), there have been far too many times I've run after my parents car carrying shoes, a sweater, earrings, and everything else I didn't quite have a chance to put on yet as they were leaving (on time) for church, my first kiss wasn't until I was 19, dates are nearly impossible to be on time for, etc. I'm just late! I try though. Don't think I have resigned to this fact and accepted it as a permanent part of my life, I really do try.  In fact, I have only been late to work once since the beginning of the year! Woot woot! But it requires super-human efforts for me to be somewhere on time. So yes, if I'm on time I feel a little like Wonder Woman.


  1. But you have done SOOO good with being no time to work!

  2. I forgot about your tardiness:) I am the exact same way. I make tony tell me good job every time I am on time or early to church!