Sunday, March 4, 2012

When things go pear-shaped

Today in Relief Society the teacher said something that made me think twice, she said "sometimes in life, when things go pear-shaped". I liked that. Pears aren't usually a "favorite" fruit, they are greenish-yellow, tart, lumpy, and mis-shappen. What a great way to say that sometimes things turn out, just maybe funny-shaped and not the way we expected. I come up with such great plans and an idea of how everything is supposed to go, if it were up to me, but then they don't. I have to re-calculate and come up with a new, great plan, that usually doesn't work out either. However, when I look back on things I am truly grateful for the way they do turn out. It's yet another reminder of how much Heavenly Father loves me and directs my path. He allows me to change plans, have experiences, and learn things as I go, for which I am incredibly thankful. I just need to remember to keep my chin up an keep going, because sometimes things just go pear-shaped.

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  1. Thanks for posting! :) Now when I see a pear I am going to be reminded that my plans aren't always as great as Gods plans, and his are so much better ;)